What I’ve learned from the failure of my side project

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In the middle of 2018 I was sitting in the comfortable chair at my workplace, thinking about a way to use programming skills, I’ve developed over the last couple of years, to help a bunch of people. While implementing yet another task from JIRA board, it struck me: what is the simplest place to go to when you have a problem and suspect that you’re not the only one?

Facebook groups!

And one of the largest and most active polish groups I found turned out to be all about board games! Surprisingly, many of posts there focused only on one problem — finding people to play Inis, Scythe, 7 Wonders, Small World or any other modern unplugged game together.

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.

Well, I asked Boardly users frequently what they wanted, and most of the time they received it. UX improvements, better push notifications, integration with RPG games etc., but there was one particular request, that kept appearing under all of my fanpage posts generating many likes and kind of spoiling Boardly’s PR.

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